Friday, June 29, 2012

I Am, because We Are

Every body is competing. Competition is overrated. Students compete for grades, politicians compete for votes, businesses compete for creating monopolies, and athletes compete for medals. And the chain continues. Up to the extent that competition becomes brutally unhealthy. Where we compete for egos, for food, for living and at times for just being inhumane. 

An, anthropologist was studying the customs of a remote African tribe. So he proposed a game to the tribe's little kids. He put a basket of sweets under a tree and declared that the first kid to race across gets all the sweets. 

The kids lined up… and Richard yelled "Ready - Steady - Go!" 

The kids took each other’s hands and ran together! They arrived together and sat down happily sharing the sweets! 

Surprised, Richard asked why they didn't compete? 

A kid replied: "Ubuntu. How could any one of us be happy if all the others are sad?” 

Richard discovered that, "Ubuntu" in the Xhosa culture means, "I am because we are." 

That’s a lesson essential for leadership and achieving big hairy audacious goal together as a team.

Story Courtesy RealAcad