Monday, August 30, 2010

Winning Isn’t Everything, It’s The Only Thing!

Some may not agree, but ask the winners. Winning tastes good. It’s an absolute fun to enjoy the cakes, sweets, and drinks on the bus (“boos”) especially if you have won them. Frontiers planned it and won it together with the Laughing Leaders for Birmingham group. The action packed Sunday morning still remains a memorable anecdote.

It started with Alison’s challenge of being the first one to pack and be at porters lodge as a group early morning. Someone from the Frontiers group took it seriously and proposed in the group gathering, “Let’s go for it”. I still remember the element of surprise on the group leader’s (Betul) face but despite her tiredness she valued the group’s decision to sacrifice sleep. Room numbers and telephone numbers got exchanged and listed. Next morning this little piece of paper with all the numbers made the difference. Frontiers were all ready, together, completed at porters lodge. But winning isn’t that easy. It revealed that the challenge included the group coupling named as Birmingham group (Frontiers + Laughing Leaders). Unless the other group is ready as well, we can’t win. And here goes Amir on the run to gather his folks to let us all win. I must say, leading from the front, his on spot initiative and promptness to not give up the prize made a vital difference. He collaborated and quickly gathered n-1. Searching out Saeeda was not an easy task but somehow he even did that in the matter of minutes :-) “Kudos Amir. Leadership at times brings in some extra responsibility; I hope you will cherish it being amongst the winners.”

As they say, “if you're a champion, you have to have it in your heart”.


  1. Hey what was the gift you got? ;)

  2. Alot of interesting stuff to eat ... Cake, sweets, drinks etc :)