Monday, May 30, 2011

Follow the expert, Not the loudest

I have been longing to write on how nations revolt and set their path straight when challenged by adversities and injustice. And how collective leadership works when a crowd leads a crowd. Perhaps, the leading crowd is also riding on the shoulders of individual leadership from within and that individual leadership feels pride in their anonymity.

Though the topic demands a longer piece of writing, for the time being I will stick to an excerpt by a leader from the core, an inspiration with a transforming spirit of volunteerism and a lovely personality busy day and night building the foundations of their reincarnated homeland. Here he goes…

“Follow the expert, not the loudest; - see realities in depth;

do not be limited to your own perceptions; – put your preferences to the side;

don’t think of personal glories at the moment (it will come later); -

think of process, not the product;

learn to accept who disagree with you; - seek advise if you are not sure;

rely on specialists in their own field; - compile efforts; - seek guidance;

be equipped with the right tools because good intentions are not enough;

we are all Egyptians regardless the level/type/kind of our contribution in the protesting;

be optimistic, yet realistic; Is this difficult to do?”

Simply a citizen – Amir Gohar


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