Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stylish Leadership

I am a leader who leads with style. 

I have the power to affect others’ beliefs, attitudes, and courses of action while using a stylish kind of power. I do not need to enforce anything. My followers are influenced by me because they like me, I am their role model, they view me as highly competent, and highly considerate. 

I am a leader who leads with style.

I am verbally involved with my followers, I seek their opinions, and I am firm but not rigid. I lead with style because I fit within my group, I am intelligent, confident, and in our group, goals are reached through realizing everyone’s needs and wants.

I am a leader who leads with style.

My leadership is stylish because I combine and mix my task and relationship behaviors in a way that influence my followers in their efforts to reach our assigned goals. I would provide them with structure while nurturing them. If I figure out that I lean towards being production oriented, I would make an effort to promote the personal worth of my followers. On the other hand, if I was more people oriented, I would attempt to use this type of orientation towards accomplishing what actually needs to be achieved. 

I am a leader who leads with style.

I know that if I do not have the so called “charisma” that this would not stop me. I know that leaders could be made. I know that leadership is a process that can be learned, and that it is available to everyone. I know that I need to be alert, responsible, persistent, confident, social, and have insight to become a leader. But what if I am not that intelligent or as confident as I should. Well, I would lead with style and create in me the drive for responsibility, I would become more self aware, surround myself with positive people, and I would build my capacity and exercise social interaction. Nothing would stop me!

Lead with style…to be cont...

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  1. Very inspiring Hadeel. I believe that you don't need a battlefield or a combat zone to be a leader, leadership could be seen in a playground or any public event, and its strength is definitely not noticed by your command or control but never the less by how you make the people around you feel. And it certainly could be done with style.