Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Exactly Happened in Qatar..

I’ve been trying for months to figure out what exactly happened in Qatar, what I learned, how it changed me, what precisely touched me...

I figured that I had walked the path warriors once took. I survived relationships that heroes had struggled with. I journeyed through time and places that have been journeyed ages before. In every path I took, in every relationship I had, and in every journey I ventured there was one everlasting quest. The quest of my own self. 

Every hero walks a path. This path never changes. It has been the same from thousands of years ago. Every hero must leave home, embark into a perilous journey into the unknown, find the courage and wisdom to survive, and return home with skills and strengths earned on the quest. I have walked that same path.

I had the courage to let go. I left my comfortable and familiar every day routine. I unlocked my insecurities. I let my defenses down. I stopped thinking of every particular way I thought of my self. I left home not because I wanted to but because I had to. There was a wall that was blocking my view. I could not see it but I felt it. I tried to break through that wall, to get around it, but I couldn’t. I was willing to take the risk. The risk of venturing into a new journey.

This led to the second stage-the quest. This was where all the adventures happened. The overwhelming challenges. Through this stage I have mounted both physically and psychologically. I climbed the hills of fear, I scrambled up the mountains of normality, and I struggled to reach the topless summits of self discovery. Ironically, through unexpected incidents, through some interesting relationships, and through diverting people surrounding me I found what I was looking for. I found the leader within me.

I persisted through this quest. Learning, absorbing, watching, reflecting, grasping, and digesting every single thing around me. At times it was overwhelming; I could not handle the diversity, the emotions, and the excitement! At other times, I was mesmerized with all the vibe. I headed home with a different me. To my surprise, home was different too! I was armed with new capacities and a deeper understanding that I could have only acquired through venturing through this quest. The quest of Mosaic. A quest for self-discovery...