Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm sorry, Wojdan!

I cried my eyes out while reading the article written in the Los Angeles Times by Bill Plaschke on Wojdan Shaherkani and her heroism on the Olympics grounds. A mixture of feelings really. I felt the burning of defeat, the disgust of hatred, the pain of sorrow, and the grand feeling of being proud!

I felt defeated by my own government. How could they allow such mockery! Putting a young, innocent, and inexperienced girl in a world wide event like this was an act of villainy. They knew she wasn’t going to make it, they knew she wasn’t ready, and yet, they let her be. Have they no feelings? Have they no sense of common sense?

I felt hatred towards my so called brothers and sisters who have called Ms. Shaherkani and Ms. Attar prostitutes! Are they? I’m sorry, but I think you should revise the definition of prostitution yet again..These amazing girls are everything but prostitutes! At least they’re representing their country in a decent way; Not like others who go all around the world bringing shame to our country with their ridiculous actions!

Yes, I did feel the pain of sorrow to the core..Sorrow for us..for the women in Saudi Arabia. Some of you see us as wealthy brats with servants, drivers, mansions, and lots of money. Yes, you're right, some of us are brats. But is that all that matters? Is it all about money? We are humans too, we want to be treated as humans. Is that too much to ask? You can give us millions, we would refuse it in return for one look of respect..

Dear Wojdan, we are so proud of you! I do not need to tell you that you shouldn’t listen to all the pitiful howling of the disturbed psychos in this world. You have already showed us how heroic a leader could be. Lead us Wojdan! We will support every step you take.