Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stress Me Out, Please!

Why the hell would we want to be stressed while everybody else is trying to manage if not avoid stress? Well, if you were like me, the kind that gets to the highest point of productivity when pressured, then you’d understand. On the other hand, what exactly is stress, do we really need it, and as leaders do we need to stress our followers?

Stress is surly well known but not well understood! Stress is how we respond to pressure. It is anything that causes a change in our life. Sounds good, right? This is the bright side of stress! So lets dig deeper to check out why we need this witty side, shall we?

Does stress make life more exciting? YES! Positive stress which is called “Eustress” gives us energy! This energy drives us to throw ourselves into situations where we want to contribute, and that is exactly what we want. However, we need to be attentive enough to notice whether this amount of stress is affecting our performance negatively. If we get to a point where we suddenly feel that we are lacking the ability to handle the continuous demands in our life, then it is time to STOP! Yes, take a break from stressing yourself out..It is probably time to take a vacation, visit the spa, or just watch a good movie!     

The world is full of bright, intelligent, and clever people who live a very lame life. This is because there is no one out there to jump start their life, to inspire, and to stress them a little bit! Leaders who are willing to breed productive and energetic followers need to put deadlines to spur followers on, targets to motivate, challenges that inspire, and opportunities for followers to prove themselves. In other words, furnish them with positive emotional charge!

Lastly, if you feel fruitless, useless, or worthless and you are not able to sizzle your life up ask for help. Ask someone to stress you out!

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