Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Appetizer – Round Up Day 1

A great start to an invaluable learning. Stuart Liang’s (Deputy Vice Chancellor Cambridge, Master of Corpus Christi) welcome address simply built the connection between the ambience and the spirit of leadership. Followed by Farah Pandith’s story of defining priorities and values and pursuing passion was quite commendable. Sir Fazl-e-Hassan Abed is a great success story in the social sector. Challenging the status quo and being the mad man to invest GBP 8000 pounds in BRAC after selling his house could only sound insane. But that insanity turned into the world’s largest NGO working globally. Last but not the least, John O'Brian. He opened up the summer school with some really meaningful thoughts and expressions. How does one defines a leadership - through character, knowledge and role. A good foundation definition that is certainly meant to expand in the remaining summer school.

And I never thought that I would revert back to painting after so many years. And while painting, I discovered my hidden interest towards playing with colors and using them as a way of expression. But even more interesting was the fact that a small little contribution by everyone resulted into a beautiful Mosaic in the end. A lot of thoughts – floating on the exosphere of the brain.

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