Friday, July 9, 2010

The Summer School on Leadership

Mosaic summit will be bringing 80 leaders from around the globe to take part in an interesting and unique program commissioned to develop a momentum for positive change. Built to form a cavalry that can further create beacons of hope in their respective communities, is simply an initiative worth pursuing; both for organizers and the delegates.

What comes ahead during the summer school is still unknown, though the agenda has been shared. But the program has more to do with practicality and experience rather than static information. None the less, the momentum has already started building. The choice of location has its own traction. Clare College Cambridge has a history dating back to 1326 and is the second oldest of Cambridge’s 31 colleges. The diverse group about to be together for 2 weeks holds a unique karama. Thread of email exchanges and quick intros are simply energizing. The enthusiasm, anxiety, dreams, support, sharing have all started converging towards the same path: translating the power of positive thinking.

I will end with an interesting answer to a question I read recently.

What will you do if one day the whole world will be on one side and you on the opposite? Simple just turn back and you will be the leader of the whole world. Work smart. Stay Positive ;)

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