Sunday, July 11, 2010

“May The Octopus Live Long” – Spain

Watching the final at Clare conference hall with fellow delegates was a treat.

With all its flurry and noise, the FIFA 2010 comes to an end. Latin America over powered the pre-quarter finals and Europeans smashed them apart in quarter finals. An event full of surprises and upsets. Africa made the event delightful indeed. Waving Flag was much better song than waka waka. And the best amongst the lot emerged as the winners. Though it’s a collective team effort, I must say Iker Casillas stole the show over all. He must be having goose bumps never seen before while holding the trophy with the chest wide open. Well done Spain.

The biggest shock was for Maradona, which he is still trying to overcome. He along with his team refused the presidential reception, simply because they didn’t do something worthy of it. Others fire their coaches or retire their coaches who don’t perform well. Maradona is being insisted to carry on by the Argentinean president. The legends are loved forever.

Deigo Forlan was definitely the right pick for the best player of the world cup. He rightly deserves the golden ball. Single handedly, taking Uruguay to the semis troubling and scaring teams like Netherland and Germany is definitely commendable.

Anyways, its joy for few and tears for others. That’s how the life is in this beautiful game of nerves and strategy. Nothing worked in Africa, but OCTOPUS - for bookies!

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