Saturday, July 17, 2010

“Feeding Mind and Spirit” by Guest Blogger – Lina Gomaa Egypt

Lina is a language instructor teaching Arabic to students at Beloit College in Wisconsin. She holds a degree in creative writing from Beloit College as well and was a part of successful inaugural session of mosaic summer school in 2009.

When I was 12, I always imagined myself teaching students in a classroom. I even had a white board where I spent hours teaching imaginary students. Many years later, teaching became my profession where one has to lead the education journey of others. I enjoy teaching and giving to others the knoweldge I have gained. However, if I want to lead my class properly, I should also feed my mind and my spirit; this is where attending Mosaic summit became very important for me. The summit is a recharge to leaders where they can reenergize themselves in their various fields. Personally, seeing successful leaders talking to me and the audience, exposes me to different role models; I am given the chance to talk and sit with them; thinking one day, I will be like them too!

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