Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mosaic Netwrok

Mosaic was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007 with an aim to develop and groom young muslim leaders from around the globe who can further contributes towards bringing a positive change in the society.

Mosaic works towards a more integrated and thriving society where all individuals, regardless of background, are supported in realizing their potential.

The Prince of Wales has set the objectives for Mosaic simple and straight: to extend a helping hand to those members of our Muslim communities who need it, and together with our other diverse communities, about whom I happen to care a great deal.

To achieve this, Mosaic aims to:
- Increase education opportunities for those who do not have them
- Increase opportunities for understanding between people of different backgrounds

Mosaic operates in the U.K as a set of initiatives championed by Muslims aimed at raising aspirations and providing opportunities. Internationally Mosaic reaches into 17 countries via an emerging leaders development programme and opportunities for established leaders to gain insights into key social and environmental issues. Mosaic is also now being established in Bahrain, Qatar & U.A.E by individuals and organisations who have embraced the principles developed within the U.K. under His Royal Highnesses leadership.

For more details, please visit Mosaic website.

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