Friday, July 16, 2010

Flow Begins – Round Up Day 2 and 3

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential in order to maximize their performance. It is about helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.”

Certainly, Professor Bina Kandola and Stuart Duff holds the capability to unlock a person’s potential. Stuart lead the sessions amazingly and a single most important message he gave to be a good leader was to stay ALERT. ALERT is the set of characteristics / habits that includes Awareness, Learns, Enables, Resilient, True. Together they make a leader ALERT. Exercises in coaching and self coaching were simply impactful. Within few hours we were ready to GROW. Again GROW represents the phases in coaching that includes Goal, Reality, Opportunity and Will. After these sessions you feel like being on The Leadership Journey.

Will Day’s speech on sustainability was magnificent. It was a real MIND OPENER. Haven’t heard so well before of all the apparent issues that we as a global citizens are facing, the way they all are inter connected and their negative impact. Issues like food, land grab, population, rising temperature, maternal health, child health, poverty, energy are amongst the few what we are facing today.

Few interesting global findings he shared includes, 1) More you are rich, less religious you are, 2) There is strong link between health and positive and negative growth, 3) Population growth is way quicker in poorer parts of the world, 4) Climate change could force 1 billion from their homes by 2050, 5) US military is one of the biggest consumer of oil on the globe and they have warned massive shortages by 2015, 6) British Petroleum says that for every 9 barrels f oil we consume, we are only discovering one.

I am sure bells must have started ringing in your minds by now. It’s a matter of concern and we as a globally responsive citizens holds the responsibility to address these issues.

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