Sunday, July 11, 2010

Discovering The Power of Network

It’s great. It’s amazing. As soon as you join a network, a world opens up for you. All of a sudden out of nowhere you end up meeting different people connected under a common umbrella called: The Network. People derive inspiration, bring forward plethora of information and open up the way you think and conceive.

The Mosaic Netork brought forward a similar binding. Strangers, all of a sudden turned connections. Right from the Lahore Airport I met Adil and Memoona, next my old buddy Afzal at Abu Dhabi Airport who coincidently turned out to be a part of Mosaic. And just before stepping out of the plane I happened to bump into Salman, Tabinda and Rizwan. By the time we collected our baggage and stepped out of Heathrow Palwasha was there and that completed the group from Pakistan. Before heading to Cambridge, Ahmad and Afrah from Bahrain joined in as well. Stepping into Clare College Cambridge, Aarij, Lina, Betul, Zara and Sharif from Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, UK and Oman were ready to greet. And the story goes on. Fourteen plus new acquaintances, yet to gel in a strong bond over the next few days, all within less than 24 hours.

"Always pay it forward and never forget to pay it back. It's how you got here and it defines where you are going". - Brian Solis.

That’s the power of network !!!

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