Saturday, July 17, 2010

Connecting the Dots – Round Up Day 4 and 5

Poverty had been the worst of ills that surrounds us; more than 1.6 billion below poverty line. This further triggers several issues. As put by Habib Malik from Islamic relief, big 5 issues that needs quick intervention includes, hunger, Disease, Death, Health, Livelihood.

Dr. Hani Taha the founder of Islamic relief was a hilarious inspiration. The work he has done and the achievements he had are simply commendable. All about him can be summarized in his concept of FAT KISS. F = Fund Raise, A = Advocate, T = Train, K = Knowledgebase, I = Innovative, S = Sustainability, S = Solution.

Mike hardy, Anjum Anwar and Chris Chivers gave absolutely magnificent talks inculcating a sense of accommodating others and having a meaningful dialogue to resolve issues. In the end, I would simply quote Jonathan, “The one who would be a leader, must be a bridge”.

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