Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mosaic Art - Philosophical Significance

Mosaic is a combination of small colorful pieces of glass, stone, marble or ceramic joined together to form bigger tiles – a unified whole. A form of art that is usually used for interior décor is often a symbol of cultural significance since ages. Mosaic art has a history dating back to 1500 BC and picked up in Islamic world during the time of Ummayyad Dynasty.

This colorful multicolored square / cube shaped tiles gives a unique message of harmony, coexistence, interdependency and totality. Smaller tiles gel in together to create a bigger tile that dictates beautiful pattern and sequence and secure attention while alone they are nothing. An important aspect is the placement of small blocks to develop a meaningful pattern. If out of place, the mosaic loses its significance. While you closely observe the art, it directly correlates to the aspects of leadership, teams and outcomes of collective action; the power of a unified whole.

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  1. Oooo me too! Me too! These are absolutely gorgeous! love them all!
    glass and stone mosaic